Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This boy... He just makes me smile.

Sometimes in the middle of the day we just run a bath and he plays. and plays. and plays.

Today was one of those days. He loves using my big bathtub and tries to swim on his belly (even though it results in nose full of water most attempts.)

Yesterday, Connor learned to blow kisses. So while in the bath he showed off how he knows how to stick out his tongue and blow kisses!! (Momma may or may not have been prompting with the same gestures...) ;-)

Hubs and I are busy working away and trying to get our design finalized for our website so our awesome webmaster can launch our website!! We are pretty thankful for life's blessings right now.

Also.... we are planning a 5 year-iversary trip to NYC in a couple of weeks. Grandma has graciously accepted to come stay with our sweet boy so we can have some much needed time together before the start of another busy year.

So without further ado, here are some kisses for you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Peeking a sneak!

If I weren't so zonked, I'd be doing a happy dance right. about. now...

We are official caught up with business stuff, which means that I am about to be on my way to St. Louis for lots of musical fun with my bestie for 2 days!!

Okay, NOW I'm doing a happy dance.

But really, what is more fun than being stress free and care free!

Speaking of, the only reason I am able to go on this trip is because my mom so graciously agreed to come and spend some one-on-one time with little C while I'm away and Chase works! THANK YOU!

We LOVE when Grandma comes to stay, and I am looking forward to some much needed mom time when I return!

(just sneaking you a peek of what I've been up to!)

Alright, y'all... Toodles, and goodnight!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back at it..

One of my goals in this crazy life is to document it as much as possible. I'm no good at keeping up the baby book (I have everything IN there, just not really organized... yet) and I am no good at writing in a journal every day, but I DO take pictures. I take pictures every day. Multiple times a day. I know that someday my kids and grandkids are going to be able to see a glimpse into my daily life that I never really got to see of my parents and grandparents.

SO yeah, I love taking pictures. Sometimes of my kid (okay, mostly...  who are we kidding) and sometimes of others!

I used to blog often. Like every day often sometimes! I'd love to get back to that- it's refreshing. So in order to add this little routine back to my life, I'm starting at trying once/twice a week. I LOVE blogging and sharing for my family and friends to read about what's happening in our little life. It's not life changing, or even that interesting, but it's fun. Also, I want to blog about my life here. Not photography and business, but just life.

What we're doing, what we're making.. what I'm cooking. That's basically our everyday life, and I love it.

So yup! There we go. ;)

In other news, I am FINALLY back on the Weight Watchers/gym train. If you remember, back in the months before I got pregnant with C, I had dropped a lot of excess weight and was on my way to being super healthy and happy with my fitness. Obviously babies have a way of changing your body. Totes worth it, but kind of hard on the confidence.

I recall that my progress reallllllly took off after I shared it with my blog friends, and kept up with others doing the same. I started at some ridiculous number, but have lost 20#s so far. Sadly, I still have about 25 to go to get into my healthy BMI.

Yesterday I attended my first yoga class in like two years, and it rocked majorly. Gotta start somewhere.

Alrighty, toodles y'all!