Tuesday, September 14, 2010

By the way.... have I mentioned that I love this girl?

Just sayin'. She's cute.

The End.

A day without sunshine is like, well, night...

...and my weekend was definitely full of sunshine!

Friday after school, I traveled via the lovely and (a-hem) scenic I-40 to Oklahoma. If you didn't catch the sarcasm, I-40 just so happens to be one of the straightest, blandest stretches of highway. The trees aren't bad... but after a while, they all sorta blur together.

However, the drive was so worth the outcome because on the other side of I-40 awaited my family! I was able to see everybody in the family minus the sister and nephew/niece/brother-in-law. Hopefully next time, there will be enough minutes in the day to see everyone! I always leave home with plans to try to see/do more, but once I arrive at my destination, time always runs away.

Friday evening, Mom and Paul and I had a delish dinner at Paul's Place and then returned home for a fun evening of Farkle with friends.

The kiddos arrived the next morning.. and from there it becomes a whirlwind in my mind. I definitely remember lots of fun being had... swimming, snacking, football-ing, and relaxing, but I can't quite remember in what order those happened! Photo proof!

Also, Mom gave me my first real birthday cake in... 5 years! Minus the really sweet/gimpy cake hubs made two years ago.

Little goose with the water hose kept spraying us...

He looks sweet.. ;)


Mini-Me Niece!


We kinda rock.

The following photos are from the previous weekend when Chase and I watched the Hogs game at Kris' house. Isn't he cute?

and yes... they were as good as they look.

That's all folks! It's another lovely school day tomorrow! I'm working ont he 3rd grade program right now, and assigning parts has kinda been messing with my head, so off to dream land I go!

Oops.. just remembered I need to set up vet appointments for the kiddos to get their yearly check-ups! Time sure does fly.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Not many words describe weeks like this one except... fabulous!

#1 reason this week was fab is Hubs.

Meet Nook (and my delish peppermint tea). Hubs surprised me with a trip to Barnes and Noble to buy my coveted Nook

Barnes and Noble really knew what they were doing when they designed him. He's super stellar awesome. The end.

#2 reason this week was fab is.. (drum roll please)...........

TA-DA! I'm officially certified! I took a summer class, so it took me a bit longer to receive my certification, but it made itl! I'm a real teacher! :)

#3 reason this weel was fab was... 

Blue Man Group calling the Hogs!

The Razorback game!! We devoured delish wings and cheese dip at our friend Kris's house and watched the Hogs trample Tennessee Tech. *Sighs* I missed football season!

and the final (#4) reason this week was fab was...

A relaxing evening with Hubs and friends. 

We also added some fall decor to the outside (and inside) of the house, which coincidentally brought cooler temperatures along with em'. Fall truly is my favorite time of year. Summer is great at the beginning, but at the end, nothing is better than crisp air and turning leaves.

So my friends, I'm going to go enjoy Nook and read another book! (and possibly enjoy one of the beverages pictured above... a-hem!)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blue daba di daba die!

So contrary to what my blog portrays, I actually DO still have a life, I've just been uber busy and unable to update.

I'll condense the last few weeks.. (ahem, months) into a few short bullets.

1. I went to Denver to help my beautimous friend Jayme (Spicer) Kain move!
2. I am teaching!
3. Teaching takes lots of energy, so I go to bed super early.
4. Teaching makes me happy, so I'm always uber happy.
6. Blue Man Group = a hilarious and delicious treat for the eyes and ears
7. I'm going to visit my family in Oklahoma next weekend.
8. I'll be 24 (gasp) in 18 days. :)
9. We FINALLY finished/cleaned up the garden in the front of the house. Now we look legit!

I know, right??

So if that wasn't a good enough update for y'all, I'll throw in some photos.

Here they come:

Pretty Denver downtown via IPhone!

After the Zoo in Denver.

Self explanatory..


Blue Man Group will rock your face off.. Just sayin'

BMG Dance Party!

Kinda love this dude..

And finally!

So that's about it. Sorry Mom I am so behind on blogging! Love you and see you next weekend! ;)