Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blue daba di daba die!

So contrary to what my blog portrays, I actually DO still have a life, I've just been uber busy and unable to update.

I'll condense the last few weeks.. (ahem, months) into a few short bullets.

1. I went to Denver to help my beautimous friend Jayme (Spicer) Kain move!
2. I am teaching!
3. Teaching takes lots of energy, so I go to bed super early.
4. Teaching makes me happy, so I'm always uber happy.
6. Blue Man Group = a hilarious and delicious treat for the eyes and ears
7. I'm going to visit my family in Oklahoma next weekend.
8. I'll be 24 (gasp) in 18 days. :)
9. We FINALLY finished/cleaned up the garden in the front of the house. Now we look legit!

I know, right??

So if that wasn't a good enough update for y'all, I'll throw in some photos.

Here they come:

Pretty Denver downtown via IPhone!

After the Zoo in Denver.

Self explanatory..


Blue Man Group will rock your face off.. Just sayin'

BMG Dance Party!

Kinda love this dude..

And finally!

So that's about it. Sorry Mom I am so behind on blogging! Love you and see you next weekend! ;)

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