Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tomorrow is a new day...

full of lots of new stuff!

The most notable thing beginning tomorrow is NaBloPoMo! Which means National Blog Posting Month. It's a great time where bloggers set the goal of posting on their blog every day for a month.

Sound easy?

I did it once last year for the month of February (because it had the fewest days..) but never have I attempted during the actual blog posting month of November. We'll see how I fare.. hopefully I won't be a snore.

During the month of November, I'll post every day (whether it be short and sweet and from my mobile) or goofy/funny/boring/long... you get the picture. On Saturday/Sunday we'll observe the allowed "Wordless Wednesday" as determined my the official NaBloPoMo rules! ;)

So, I have a few surprises up my sleeve for you guys- I promise you won't be let down!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Apple of my eye...

I am addicted to apples... and more specifically honeycrisp apples.
Seriously, go get one and try em! They're kind of delicious.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Last weekend was quite a blur- the Arkansas Philharmonic concert went well! I always get inspired to practice more when we play amazing repertoire. We had three rehearsals (3 hours Friday, 3 hours Saturday and 3 hour Sunday prior to the 2 hour concert at 3:00)

Quite the whirlwind it was! (.... says Yoda). After the 3 hour marathon on Saturday, hubs and I thought it would be relaxing to stroll around at the War Eagle Craft Fair because the last two years we have gone it has been just that, relaxing.

Boy, were we wrong! We got about 5 miles from the parking areas and traffic was at a standstill. We sat for an HOUR after sitting in a rehearsal for 3. By the time we got there, we tried to enjoy it, but there were so many darn people it was just miserable... so we left after walking through two tents. 

Lesson learned? Go the War Eagle UBER early in the morning to avoid massive traffic.

Apparently the craft fair has become quite popular, because in recent years I have never seen it this busy! (mind you we went DURING the Arkansas vs. Auburn game as well!

Even though it was crazy, hubs and I made a pretty good time of it and enjoyed lots of fab. conversation in the car (for an hour... ahem).

Regardless, I'm pretty darn-tootin lucky to have a best friend like him. :) 

We DID manage to get a photo there!

This year's photo: 2010 War Eagle

2009 War Eagle

2009 War Eagle

So that's that! Today we are going to meet Tim, Trinitie, Faith, Barrett and Dad at Grubb's in Fayetteville to watch the Arkansas vs. Ole Miss game! Hopefully we get a W!

More news coming in November!
Until then, toodles!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My apologies... I forgot that Peter Ilitch Tschaikowsky was a rockstar.

I've been practicing/listening to Symphony No. 4 for the past few days, and have never rocked so hard before in my life.

Just a little dramatic, but not much!

Really though- listen to the Finale and tell me if it doesn't send you to another universe?! Definitely a MO.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Marathon Life

At the end of each day, it seriously feels as thought I've ran a marathon... or atleast a 1/2.

Teaching really does rock my face off though, and I put all I have into it everyday (which I guess kinda explains the exhaustion)! Maybe some amped up exercise in the evenings or mornings would help give me an energy boost?

Some exciting news-- I FINALLY got back into my Weight Watchers groove this week. Thankfully I maintained for the last 3+ months? (Wowie, did that fly by or what), but I am so pumped to be back into my groove! Hopefully I can shed these last few pounds before the end of the year.

Now I must rant.. just a little.. it doesn't happen often, but I am appalled by a new up and coming fashion... 

Now, I am the first to say that I love ruffles... when done right. But seriously, what is up with these tacky one-shouldered tops and dresses with ruffles that look like 80s Barbie gone wrong?

Example #1:
 Example #2:


Ruffles = cute and feminine... 

Most of the time.

In other news, our 3rd Grade Program at Walker went fabulously. The kids were so amped, and so was I! What a talented and dedicated bunch of kiddos. <3

Off to read some with my buddy, Nook!

(OOooo, and Happy Birthday to my best friend, Hubs!)