Friday, November 27, 2009

So Very Thankful.

Sometimes we forget during difficult times about all of the amazing people and things we have to be thankful for. Yesterday, I spent all day with those for whom I am thankful. It was fabulous to say the least. 

The many ways I feel blessed:
* my amazing husband
* my dad
* my mom
* our "kids" 
* having a warm and loving home
* our health
* friends who care
* and most of all I am thankful for Jesus- who died so that I could live

Just a short story to commemorate how amazingly blessed I feel to be where I am. Thanksgiving break has been a bit rough physically for me. Although we were able to spend wonderful quality time with our family over delicious food in NLR, I have been ill the last few weeks with the flu, strep and a fever that has spanned five days so far. Chase and I left NLR this morning right at 6:00am because I needed to work this morning at 9:00. I slept most of the way home and he dropped me off at Saied once we arrived in town. He called around lunch time to bring me some money to eat a lunch and I asked how unpacking went, and he had completely unpacked everything- my clothes, toiletries, and dirty laundry included and cleaned up the house. He said knew how exhausted/sick I am right now and wanted to say thank you for working so hard. 

We though my fever had gone away yesterday, but today it's back up, so say a prayer it goes away!

Especially during these times I am humbled and reminded constantly that all will be provided if I just keep working hard and have faith. 

Philippians 4:19
But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches
 in glory by Christ Jesus. 

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I extremely dislike working Saturdays. The end.

Seriously though. I work two jobs during the week, as well as Saturdays and go to school on top of that.. and play at church on Sunday. This leaves Kalyn with no days off.

Ready for a break! ;)


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Time!

I feel guilty... like really guilty!
As we approach the next three weeks, I have realized that Chase and I are going to be busy.  So. busy. that we won't see each other at home for almost a week straight (sigh) :(  He and I have quite a few church performances for the Hanging of the Greens and Dinner Theater. Then, he is performing with the "Rat Pack" musical at the WAC and I have the Arkansas Philharmonic rehearsals/performance as well as finals week. Ugh! It will be worth it though- extra cash/Christmas money!

However, in order to make sure we will be able to enjoy Christmas decorations, music, festivities in our new home the first year, I have already begun decorating, and yes... with the wonders of Harry and Bing.

The best part though is that I am able to use some decorations of my Mamaw's that we have never had room for before.

Here are some photos of the rad decor as well as from my family's visit for my recital!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


*Praxis I passed: check!
*Senior Recital: check!
*Big scary stuff out of the way: check!

I feel so completely free right now. The recital was fun- I had tons of family and friends there to support me. I am indeed blessed.

Now, there are only a few things left on my agenda:

-two history tests
-one last adv. comp paper
-fingerprints/background check for student teaching
-maybe a technique jury?

Seriously, relief! I am so excited about student teaching, it is unreal!

Most of all, I really want to go pick-up my treadmill! I have been so into yoga the last few months and am getting excited about getting into great physical shape.