Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Time!

I feel guilty... like really guilty!
As we approach the next three weeks, I have realized that Chase and I are going to be busy.  So. busy. that we won't see each other at home for almost a week straight (sigh) :(  He and I have quite a few church performances for the Hanging of the Greens and Dinner Theater. Then, he is performing with the "Rat Pack" musical at the WAC and I have the Arkansas Philharmonic rehearsals/performance as well as finals week. Ugh! It will be worth it though- extra cash/Christmas money!

However, in order to make sure we will be able to enjoy Christmas decorations, music, festivities in our new home the first year, I have already begun decorating, and yes... with the wonders of Harry and Bing.

The best part though is that I am able to use some decorations of my Mamaw's that we have never had room for before.

Here are some photos of the rad decor as well as from my family's visit for my recital!

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