Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So this is Halloween

Experiences like today give such meaning to my world. I mean really, there are hardly words for the great memories we made with such sweet friends and each other.

Last year we didn't leave the house for Halloween... I mean, Connor was in his costume for like 20 minutes before a category 5 nuclear meltdown was in progress- get the costume. off. 

This year, I decided to be brave, and try to make his costume since we had plans with friends and such.

I'm really not quite sure where the idea came from. I think it was a mixture between wanting to try an oompaloompa but that being a little too ambitious. From there, I started thinking of all the little people from my favorite childhood films and books. It was from there, we landed on "Munchkin" or... "Lollipop Guild" member from the Wizard of Oz.

The costume was quite simple, and I spent all of $10 and maybe 30 minutes collectively assembling the pieces. 

It consisted of 
1) a plaid shirt and green pants (later cut up into munchkin style clothing) from Rhea Lana's that I acquired on half-price sale day for $1.50 each.
2) Green and white striped baby legs that came with a Seven Sling that I received for free
3) White clothing patches (iron on) from Hobby Lobby for $1.50 that I ironed on for the collar
4) Big white buttons $1.00
5) Styrofoam disc on a dow rod with fabric wrapped ($5.00) and tied with ribbons (we already had the ribbon) 

In the end, it turned out like this!

Our super playgroup went together to Trick-or-Treat on the Fayetteville Square. While the lines were long (and C had no interest in waiting in line), we had a blast! He ran around meeting and seeing new things. Although it would be nice to have him walk along side our other buddies (who granted, are a few months older than C), I love watching him explore and be a kid. We are going to practice walking and holding mommy's hand though even more.  (great advice from our friend!)
Onto more cute kiddo photos!

You only think this is a bad quality photo (the kids are cute regardless)... until you try to get five under-two kiddos to sit together at the same time...

 Our lovely playgroup!

 "Weeee represent the Lollipop Guild...."

 Totes not having the picture... but at least we have one!

 'Cause we're done..

 Peace out!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside of your body." -Elizabeth Stone

That about sums it up!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Patch and Adventures

Today, we went on an adventure.

Connor tamed a mighty pony and defeated the mighty Pumpkin King!

No really... Connor seriously rode a pony! We visited Farmland Adventures here in Springdale. They boasted corn mazes, a pumpkin patch and hay ride, a petting zoo, and fun corn boxes and hay bale play gyms- they definitely did not disappoint.

He also found a pumpkin that he was quite partial to, but we ended up leaving it for another day. The hayride through the pasture was beautiful, and we were followed by chickens and cows!

Yesterday the temperatures dropped from high seventies to the mid forties. It. was. cold(ish). I know it's not that cold yet, but after a week of balmy temperatures, the cool weather was a shock. C was pretty cold at the end, too but he didn't seem quite ready to leave!

Watching Connor explore all the textures, sights, and sounds was wonderful. His innocence is so pure, and he's just so curious. Every time we saw something, I would say what it was, and he would mumble in "connor talk" something in response. He even felt adventurous enough to feed the goats. Although, I'm not sure he was a fan of the goat's tongue, because he didn't care for the goats after that. :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

More DIY Furniture

Good gravy... I'm addicted. After a long morning of kiddo chasing, dish washing, and laundry folding, there is just something uber rewarding about grabbing onto a power tool.

The last couple of days during nap time, I have been working on refinishing my grandm'a (and my mom's... and my) old desk. We had temporarily moved the computer into the dining room, because the office/spare bedroom becomes unusable while we have guests. Sometimes when we have guests I still need to work on the computer, so there was a dilemma.

Solution? Close the leaf in the table (because seriously, who needs a huge 7x7 table ALL the time. 4x7 is just fine for "normal" days), and put our passed down desk in the dining room. Only problem is that the sweet desk hadn't really been tlc-ed since I was about 10 year old.

It was looking a little rough. No big though... I just broke out the handy sander. Two coats of primer and paint later, voila!

There is a downside. The desk isn't quite large enough for our printer, so I needed a handy-dandy printer desk. Solution? Replace the spare bedroom side table with a smaller table that was in need of a home and move said table next to the desk. However, it too needed a little sprucing.

I'll share that one with you later when the space is completely finished! For now... here's the before/after of the desk.