Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spoke too soon..

I ended up not getting any of the car seat/carries that I thought we would! My bad! I went to the awesome 9 Months Later today, and they had an awesome car seat (Graco Safe Seat) that I fell in love with for less than 1/2 of the price it is new, so I totally bought it.

Best part, it absolutely matches the stroller frame perfectly, so it looks like they were made for each other. (color wise- because they were 'made' for each other).

Here's a photo of the cuteness together.

and then the carrier by itself.

Now, it's not a super trendy pattern but rather a very sleek black with grey and blue accents! I love how slick it looks when all together. Very snappy!

So there ya go!

By the way, I forgot to mention that today was the most amazing January 29th ever. 76 and breezy. I had to buy a new top whilst we were walking around because I was dying in my sweater and scarf. Lunch and shopping all day at the Promenade was snazzilicious.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Love my job.

Just a quick update.

Kindergarten program is going! We've learned three songs, and might be able to put one more on the stage next week if we work hard! (and if we don't get snow/ice on Tuesday causing us to miss school). If we miss school next week... well let's just not talk about that possibility, because I don't want to stress this weekend, mmkay?

School is going great! I work with some amazing and talented kids, and I only hope I can showcase their excellence and hard work appropriately! They rock. The end.  

If you keep up with Facebook at all, you probably get to see some of the random and funny things I get to hear every day. 

Scenario 1:
At the end of drumline yesterday, Jackson (5th grade boy) walks up holding the bucket of percussion mallets and says:
"Mrs. Cavalier, Ryan Mallet called and he's having a family reunion.. he needs his Mallets back!"

So random, and so silly, but I still get a good laugh.

Scenario 2:
While giving apple scented stamps at the end of class, a kindergarten boy responds to his stamp's scent by saying...
"Mmmm smells like chicken!"

Doesn't get much better than that folks.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two weeks in a row?

Clean house/laundry/bills paid and plans done two weeks in a row? I'll take it.

Seems kind of trivial seeing as for the last however many years, this has been normal, but since the whole sickness/morning sickness thing, this is a big deal.

I'm pretty worried about my K program, seeing as for the last three weeks, we have not had a regular school week and none of the K classes know their songs yet... I'll keep you posted on that one. :)

In other news, I finally took a Baby C + Kalyn picture! Now, I don't LOOK super pregnant to me, (just a little rounder in the mid section) but I definitely had to buy new pants this weekend. I had been able to get by in my normal jeans until Saturday, until it was just impossible to zip anymore.

If you Facebook, then you've seen this photo... so my apologies!

So that's all folks!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I finally (for the first time since October) have a clean house (and laundry/fridge/closets) sans holiday decorations. I clean best when a little angry. :P

So THIS is what it feels like to be human again.

Now, if only Chase hadn't decided to shrimp boil new potatoes in my nice, clean, fresh smelling house...........

Oh well.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another poll for you!

A decision has been reached! Car seat/carrier #1 is the winner! I am on the list if one of these bad boys comes through the consignment store Nine Months Later.
Just in case you forgot, it looks like this:

Besides the fact that it's uber cute (honestly, cuteness factor wasn't considered until after the following), I chose this model because it is #1 uber safe and Graco has fewer recalls than most, #2 very convenient, (See the Graco SnugRide Stroller AND swing frames!) and #3 will be suitable until our kiddo is 35 lbs (as long as he isn't super long). So reasonably, it will last for the whole first year.

Don't feel abused blog readers, but I need your opinion once more. One of our familie's oldest (and I don't mean age) friends has offered to make the crib bedding/curtains/stuff (Yes I know, awesome). This being said, I just have to pick out my fabrics and a pattern.
Honestly, after seeing the prices of bedding/accessories, I was going to go sale rack/generic. Her offer is uber generous and greatly appreciated!!

Here are four fabrics combos/styles that I've come up with that I really like. Problem is, they're all different  (completely).

I designed all of these with fabrics from and their Nursery Designer. I love the simple and clean pattern- so that's going to stick, but the colors/fabrics are all up for negotiation! She has access to tons of fabric, so she might be able to match some of these fabrics, or find them elsewhere, too! We'll see. :)





Now #3 and #4 are practically the same minus the cute owls on #3. Hey, I like owls. :)

If you want to be super creative/helpful, go to design one for me and leave the link in the comment section! That would be fun! 

So there you go! Get to commenting.

Friday, January 14, 2011

By the way-

I forgot the most coolest and most important news of all!
Baby C is officially detectable my Konar. (Kalyn Sonar)

Yes, I have been feeling tons and tons of little flutterflies in my lower tummy... and no (Chase), it's not gas. :P

Today I was sitting at my desk writing lesson plans, and all of a sudden I felt my bladder go pinch-pinch- gotta GO!
Maybe that was some baby pressure on my bladder? Either that, or maybe I should invest in some Detrol.

Nananananananana Batman!

It's Friday Friday Friday!
and...... I'm not sick!

(knocks on wood)

In celebration of this non-sickness, no plans Friday, we're going to Chili's and maybe a movie. (If I can stay awake past 7:00pm because I didn't go to sleep until 4am, and got up at 6am, granted I did sleep all the way to and back home from Little Rock).

"Why the heck were you in Little Rock last night and why were you out until 4:00am, Kalyn??" you ask?

Well, our favorite local ska band, (SixHungSprung), which just so happens to be one of the dozen, but probably my favorite, bands Hub's plays in, opened for Reel Big Fish last night at Juanuta's. It was the very first night of their 2011 tour, and it was fun.

*note: don't try the food at Juanita's... chips/salsa are fine*

So we drove down after work, met up with Steph, Chris, and more rad people who drove 3 hours on a Thursday night to only wake up 3 hours later and go to work, and completely rocked out. Baby C's first rock concert (in utero)! I don't think Baby C will be going to any rock concerts for a very long while after joining us in the world. ;o)

RBF were great, and personnel changes aside (*tear*) it was a rad concert. It was pretty fantastic because Juanita's is a fairly intimate venue, and we were up front the whole time. I was pretty worried about being up front and so close to the mosh pit, but thanks to the manly, husky, Baby protecting men, I was spared from the circle pit of doom.

Steph even snagged the set list and got a sweet Aaron signature on it.

Overall, it was a fun night with friends.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In-case you missed the memo:

It's a boy!

We have officially purchased something baby, and it was fun. Mom bought Baby C two cute little newborn outfits.. and they are so TINY! I can't believe that in about six FIVE?!?! months I'm going to be holding something that little in my arms. It kind of blows my mind.

We also bough a Graco SnugRide Stroller brand new at my favorite consignment store (Nine Months Later). I decided I definitely want the Graco SungRide 35 car seat... just waiting for one to pass through above mentioned consignment store (it's not like we have 6 months to wait or anything). The car seat just clips perfectly into the stroller. It's magical.

No waking baby to move to a stroller, no big/bulky/transformer style stroller. Just simple and inexpensive (comparatively).

Only problem is choosing a pattern. I want your opinion!





I won't tell you my preference until later.

Anyhoodle, so today we have a snow day from school, which is fabulous because I had to come home yesterday (strep throat) and was going to miss today as well.

This whole being sick, getting better for one week, and then getting sick all over again was old two months ago. I had SO much fun teaching last week because I was well and had energy! It's hard to find joy in things when all your body wants to do is rest and try to get well.

All the sickness aside, today I am going to sit down and tackle this office! I'm moving it completely to the spare bedroom today (sans furniture, because moving a  75 lb  way heavier than I thought desk by myself is a bad idea). But I will be cleaning out both closets, packing up the bookshelves into tubs and "scootching" them into the garage for Hubs to put in the attic, and purging a lot of crap we don't need or use. :o)

Maybe with all the junk organized, and maybe, POSSIBLY a completely clean and sanitized house, I will be able to get good night's rest tonight.

Want to see my bomb diggity list?

Here goes!

Friday, January 7, 2011

This is not THE post..

but, seriously I am salivating while reading the Wakarusa lineup.

Um, who's going to go camp with an 8 month pregnant Kalyn and rock out for 4 days? Because wow! Can I buy my pass now? (and maybe book a hotel room, because camping while 8 months pregnant might be a little scary for all parties involved).

By the way, I'm not kidding.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a....

we'll find out tomorrow!

2:30 appointment time.

Now, if finding a name were as easy as making a PBJ, I would be in heaven...

Maybe someone should try to take a look at some names, *cough Hubs cough* because apparently mine all stink. ;)

Look out for an "it's a.." post tomorrow!