Friday, January 7, 2011

This is not THE post..

but, seriously I am salivating while reading the Wakarusa lineup.

Um, who's going to go camp with an 8 month pregnant Kalyn and rock out for 4 days? Because wow! Can I buy my pass now? (and maybe book a hotel room, because camping while 8 months pregnant might be a little scary for all parties involved).

By the way, I'm not kidding.


Anonymous said...

I'm so torn... Waka is June 2-5, but Dispatch is playing at Red Rocks on June 4. Decisions, decisions...

Also, every time we've gone to Bonnaroo, there have been several super pregnant women rocking it out. Totally legit.

Kalyn said...

Sooooo... if you decide to Wakarusa it (btw, touch decision), maybe I can see you? Because I don't have tons of friends (maybe like two) that would be down for these kind of festivities.