Friday, January 14, 2011

Nananananananana Batman!

It's Friday Friday Friday!
and...... I'm not sick!

(knocks on wood)

In celebration of this non-sickness, no plans Friday, we're going to Chili's and maybe a movie. (If I can stay awake past 7:00pm because I didn't go to sleep until 4am, and got up at 6am, granted I did sleep all the way to and back home from Little Rock).

"Why the heck were you in Little Rock last night and why were you out until 4:00am, Kalyn??" you ask?

Well, our favorite local ska band, (SixHungSprung), which just so happens to be one of the dozen, but probably my favorite, bands Hub's plays in, opened for Reel Big Fish last night at Juanuta's. It was the very first night of their 2011 tour, and it was fun.

*note: don't try the food at Juanita's... chips/salsa are fine*

So we drove down after work, met up with Steph, Chris, and more rad people who drove 3 hours on a Thursday night to only wake up 3 hours later and go to work, and completely rocked out. Baby C's first rock concert (in utero)! I don't think Baby C will be going to any rock concerts for a very long while after joining us in the world. ;o)

RBF were great, and personnel changes aside (*tear*) it was a rad concert. It was pretty fantastic because Juanita's is a fairly intimate venue, and we were up front the whole time. I was pretty worried about being up front and so close to the mosh pit, but thanks to the manly, husky, Baby protecting men, I was spared from the circle pit of doom.

Steph even snagged the set list and got a sweet Aaron signature on it.

Overall, it was a fun night with friends.

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