Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another poll for you!

A decision has been reached! Car seat/carrier #1 is the winner! I am on the list if one of these bad boys comes through the consignment store Nine Months Later.
Just in case you forgot, it looks like this:

Besides the fact that it's uber cute (honestly, cuteness factor wasn't considered until after the following), I chose this model because it is #1 uber safe and Graco has fewer recalls than most, #2 very convenient, (See the Graco SnugRide Stroller AND swing frames!) and #3 will be suitable until our kiddo is 35 lbs (as long as he isn't super long). So reasonably, it will last for the whole first year.

Don't feel abused blog readers, but I need your opinion once more. One of our familie's oldest (and I don't mean age) friends has offered to make the crib bedding/curtains/stuff (Yes I know, awesome). This being said, I just have to pick out my fabrics and a pattern.
Honestly, after seeing the prices of bedding/accessories, I was going to go sale rack/generic. Her offer is uber generous and greatly appreciated!!

Here are four fabrics combos/styles that I've come up with that I really like. Problem is, they're all different  (completely).

I designed all of these with fabrics from and their Nursery Designer. I love the simple and clean pattern- so that's going to stick, but the colors/fabrics are all up for negotiation! She has access to tons of fabric, so she might be able to match some of these fabrics, or find them elsewhere, too! We'll see. :)





Now #3 and #4 are practically the same minus the cute owls on #3. Hey, I like owls. :)

If you want to be super creative/helpful, go to design one for me and leave the link in the comment section! That would be fun! 

So there you go! Get to commenting.


Jayme Kain said...

I am loving the argyle on the carseat!!! Are you sure we don't share a brain sometimes?

I vote #3- the owls are super cute!

Kalyn said...

Jayme, I thought of you when I first saw the argyle!! I think we do sometimes share a brain.. also (off topic), I'm still thinking of examples for you for ABACA form for a lesson.

Mindy B. said...

Absolutely LOVE #3!!! How awesome that you are getting them made! Now they are going to be even more special. Maybe if I get adventurous I'll go play around with the designs on the website. :)

CountryGirlFound said...

I love the owls!

Jennifer said...

I like #3!!! Super cute!

Caroline said...

No 1 or No 3....Can't decide!

BTW - check out this nursery!