Friday, January 28, 2011

Love my job.

Just a quick update.

Kindergarten program is going! We've learned three songs, and might be able to put one more on the stage next week if we work hard! (and if we don't get snow/ice on Tuesday causing us to miss school). If we miss school next week... well let's just not talk about that possibility, because I don't want to stress this weekend, mmkay?

School is going great! I work with some amazing and talented kids, and I only hope I can showcase their excellence and hard work appropriately! They rock. The end.  

If you keep up with Facebook at all, you probably get to see some of the random and funny things I get to hear every day. 

Scenario 1:
At the end of drumline yesterday, Jackson (5th grade boy) walks up holding the bucket of percussion mallets and says:
"Mrs. Cavalier, Ryan Mallet called and he's having a family reunion.. he needs his Mallets back!"

So random, and so silly, but I still get a good laugh.

Scenario 2:
While giving apple scented stamps at the end of class, a kindergarten boy responds to his stamp's scent by saying...
"Mmmm smells like chicken!"

Doesn't get much better than that folks.

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Reba said...

Kindergarten program was awesome! I love that I found your blog...I am a blog junkie. :) Thank you for all you do for us!