Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Patch and Adventures

Today, we went on an adventure.

Connor tamed a mighty pony and defeated the mighty Pumpkin King!

No really... Connor seriously rode a pony! We visited Farmland Adventures here in Springdale. They boasted corn mazes, a pumpkin patch and hay ride, a petting zoo, and fun corn boxes and hay bale play gyms- they definitely did not disappoint.

He also found a pumpkin that he was quite partial to, but we ended up leaving it for another day. The hayride through the pasture was beautiful, and we were followed by chickens and cows!

Yesterday the temperatures dropped from high seventies to the mid forties. It. was. cold(ish). I know it's not that cold yet, but after a week of balmy temperatures, the cool weather was a shock. C was pretty cold at the end, too but he didn't seem quite ready to leave!

Watching Connor explore all the textures, sights, and sounds was wonderful. His innocence is so pure, and he's just so curious. Every time we saw something, I would say what it was, and he would mumble in "connor talk" something in response. He even felt adventurous enough to feed the goats. Although, I'm not sure he was a fan of the goat's tongue, because he didn't care for the goats after that. :)

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