Thursday, October 4, 2012

More DIY Furniture

Good gravy... I'm addicted. After a long morning of kiddo chasing, dish washing, and laundry folding, there is just something uber rewarding about grabbing onto a power tool.

The last couple of days during nap time, I have been working on refinishing my grandm'a (and my mom's... and my) old desk. We had temporarily moved the computer into the dining room, because the office/spare bedroom becomes unusable while we have guests. Sometimes when we have guests I still need to work on the computer, so there was a dilemma.

Solution? Close the leaf in the table (because seriously, who needs a huge 7x7 table ALL the time. 4x7 is just fine for "normal" days), and put our passed down desk in the dining room. Only problem is that the sweet desk hadn't really been tlc-ed since I was about 10 year old.

It was looking a little rough. No big though... I just broke out the handy sander. Two coats of primer and paint later, voila!

There is a downside. The desk isn't quite large enough for our printer, so I needed a handy-dandy printer desk. Solution? Replace the spare bedroom side table with a smaller table that was in need of a home and move said table next to the desk. However, it too needed a little sprucing.

I'll share that one with you later when the space is completely finished! For now... here's the before/after of the desk.


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