Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You, Me and Baby Makes Three!

It's amazing how much life can change in just one short week. One week ago today I was in labor with our sweet little Connor. Life still seems quite surreal at the moment, and I've been thinking for a few days on what to say about his entrance into our world.

We went in late Tuesday evening (6-27-11) to be induced early the next morning. My doctor (Dr. Emily Hinton is fabulous!) started me on a little pill to help thin out the rest of my cervix through the night on Tuesday. Wednesday morning, I woke up, brushed my teeth (for the last time not as a mommy!) and the anesthesiologist came in. Chase held my hand through the entire process. <3 him.

I must say that Chase was my rock through the entire process. I was (even though it may not have shown on the outside) terrified and unsure of myself, but Chase was there every step to get me ice, rub my arm, and make sure I was taken care of in every way and encourage me.

The nurses and doctors at Willow Creek were just wonderful. When we first checked in, all I wanted to do was take our little guy home; however, at the end of our time, I wasn't ready to leave. I felt so safe and secure there- and very well cared for.

Anyhoodle.. after the anesthesiologist left, they began Pitocin and from 8:00 until 4:00 it was a waiting game. I didn't progress very fast at first, so around 4:00 Chase and I decided to try to take a nap. When I woke up, I felt extreme pressure, so I asked the nurse if she could check. Sure enough in that hour time span, I had progressed from 4cm to 10cm. When she told me we were ready to start pushing, I got a terrible case of the shakes, but Chase helped me breathe and calm down... and our nurse warmed up another blanket for me. Our delivery nurse's name was Nicole, and she was stellar. She did two "practice" pushes through two contractions with us, and called for Dr. Hinton because little man was crowning. When Dr. Hinton walked in she barely had enough time to put on her scrubs and gloves before our little Connor was born. We did two contractions with Dr. Hinton and there he was!

I remember that extreme wave of euphoria seeing him for the first time, and seeing Chase's face... it was just incredible.

After delivery, Chase and I held him and took some time to marvel at this incredible gift of life. Just knowing that our little baby grew inside me for nine months, and he was now with us was and is still slightly unreal. It truly is a gift.

Connor weighed in at 7lbs 8oz, 21 inches long and a full head of black hair! He is a master nurser, and latched on perfectly the first time. As long as he's fed, dry, and warm, he's the happiest little baby. He loves having his little feet rubbed and loves being carried around in the baby sling. He even loves his car seat.

We've made a few trips to Target, Applebee's, and the pediatrician's office, and he falls asleep every single time we go in the car.

As for me, I'm recovering wonderfully! My energy is great, and even though it's going to take a coupe of weeks to rebound fully, I feel great. Having little man in my arms makes all the pain and fatigue go away though.

Throughout the last few weeks, we have been blessed by wonderful visitors, friends, family, cards, gifts, and phone calls. All of your prayers and thoughts were received graciously and we cannot thank you enough!

So, to end this novel, I'll tell you how our superstud did at his newborn check-up today at the pediatrician!

He weighed in at : 7lbs 6oz! Only 2oz under birth weight. That means he's eating like a champ!

and for your viewing pleasure.... pictures!
We're going to be parents!

 Connor's heartbeat and my contractions..

 All ready!

Last picture together before little man!

My nurse rocked.. she knew where the popsicles were.

 Here he is! 7lbs 8 oz. 

First picture with Baby C

He has daddy's lips... and dimples. (/swoon)

First family photo. 7-1-11
Headed home with our baby boy.


Kate said...

Yaaaaay he's so precious!!!! Congrats!!

Chely said...

He is so precious. Im happy I got to see him the day you guys were going home. My nephew and Connor are going to share a really close birthday. I'm glad you are doing well caring for a tiny person is hard and energy consuming. Enjoy him they grow up QUICK. Congrats once again.

Reba said...

He is precious in the pictures and even more precious in person. I am so glad he is here and so excited for your family. May God continue to bless you in BIG ways! I know you have friends everywhere, but I am always here for mommy questions. I don't have all the answers but I have probably experienced most everything. :)