Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today we embarked on a new journey : babywearing...

Actually, it's more for me than for him. He is more than content to play under his Baby Einstein play gym forever it seems or his super rad Rain Forest mobile by Fisher Price. But sometimes I just want to cuddle and hold him since this time is going by far too quickly.

I'm kinda in love with the idea of babywearing. I had a Pea Pod sling given to me, and then got a free sling from Seven Slings; however, baby boy liked neither of them. I also wasn't comfortable with the way hey laid/sat in slings. They also cut into my shoulder and just did not fit well. The Pea Pod was too small, and in trying to compensate for the smallishness of the pod, I ordered too large of a Seven Sling.

So in effort to find a wrap/sling we liked, I purchased a Moby Wrap and oh-my-heavens, I'm in love.

Besides the fact that Connor is all too happy to be snug and cozy next to his  lunch  mom, the wrap is like heaven on my back. It distributes the weight super evenly and the fabric is very flexible and comfortable. Also.. I can nurse hands free while doing things around the house... although I much prefer snuggling up with my little guy for the later- but sometimes laundry does need to be folded or lessons typed up.
I'm also looking forward to using this for outings instead of carrying around the baby carrier+baby.

You guys know how much I love my Graco Snap-n-Go, but this is super duper easy and takes even less time than getting the stroller out of the trunk... and requires less baggage when you need to get in and out of a busy store/place.

We're all about efficiency here! (and affordability..)

It's basically a win!

Definitely a baby in there.. and he's nursing! (excuse the cheesy IPhone photo..)


Lyndsey said...

Cute wrap! My friend just got me a sling and my sister gave me her baby bjorn that she used with her little ones so I'll probably try those first, but if I don't like them, I'll remember this!

Reba said...

Love the pics. The whole sling/wrap thing was not big when I had little ones but I did use the Snugli when possible. And even when M. came home at 2 years, I "wore" her on my hip with a carrier. I treasured those times.

Jessica said...

That is awesome Kalyn! We LOVE our Moby and still use it with Jonah. He loves being close and always falls asleep the moment I put him in it. And I also love that it kinda feels like you're pregnant again :) Already thinking of baby #2! So glad to see you guys doing well. Connor is a very handsome little man.