Sunday, April 29, 2012


My cup has been overflowing since hubs and I listened to the call and decided I should stay home next year with our sweet boy.

Thirty-One has been a monster blessing in our lives- allowing me an outlet to seek out other moms, friends, teachers and share how it helps us! Never mind the fact that they get ridiculously great purses, bags, totes and organization products for a sweet price.

My photo taking days have also picked up!! I'm almost completely booked up through June and LOVING it as well. There is just something really special about capturing a real, sincere, moment in time... not posed or fake, but an honest reaction, or respose- or possibly someone's personality- on camera. It never seems to get old!

Furthermore, I am allowed suppose to be quirky and silly and have fun! Doesn't get much better than that folks.

So I have a little longer 'to-do' list in terms of getting things going, but it's completely worth it. Among the items on that list are things like 'build a website' (that's easy.... *gigglesnortriiiight*), put together prices and photo print packages, design business cards, oh yea... and contact the big people about making my business a real business. That's a biggie!

We've been trying to do things right- keeping track of expenses, income, and all that fun stuff- so it's not as scary  when we file taxes next year!

Anyhoodle. Here's a bit of what has gone down the last few days!

The end!

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