Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend Freedom

Hubs and I totally live for the weekend. Today started out with a great trip to the Farmer's Market, which was cut short due to rain, but it was snazzy none-the-less. Even though I LOVE the rain- some days I would prefer sunshine. Today was one of those days! So on days like today I have to remind myself that it is for the good of the flowers! Speaking of flowers, last weekend we found some beautiful flowers to grace our Easter brunch table. (cheesy white table cloth courtesy of my g-ma, but it's beautiful!)
Anyhoodle, this weekend was far less formal than Easter weekend. We grilled kebabs and some wicked great Cajun grilled catfish, (Chase's secret special rub), and enjoyed a few glasses of wine. My husband is definitely goofy, but I love it when he's a goof- I find myself giggling more often than not when we have a weekend to ourselves.
Last week for my CIED Classroom Learning Theory class, I had a group presentation to present with a few fellow music majors. We were teaching a song by rote called "Six Little Ducks" and I was the "teacher" so I was warming up in our nice steamy bathroom before I left for class. Well, as I walked out of the bathroom, Chase (lying in bed half asleep) rolled over and said:

"I must have been dreaming because I just heard an angel singing!"

I definitely left the house with a case of the giggles. He's just so darn sweet/goofy sometimes and I love it.
Speaking of Chase, I just need to say how much I love him and appreciate him! I feel like I hit the proverbial "jackpot" because not only do I love my husband and find him extremely sexy....but he is 100% supportive of me and my decisions. I cannot express how important that support is to me. He helps around the house daily by sweeping or vacuuming, folding laundry, doing the dishes, feeding the animals or just picking up his stuff...
He is the "complete package" and I feel so blessed to have him in my life. Thank you Hubby for winning the "best husband ever" award. Love you!

This was the sunset I drove home to last night- breathtaking!

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