Sunday, April 26, 2009


This weekend has been quite the ride! Friday after classes ended, Province Days for SAI began. We sang beautiful songs and ate lots of yummy Olive Garden food, and hosted the wonderful ladies of SAI from all over Arkansas, after which we went to Common Grounds and did the traditional CG night with the girls.
Chase and I hosted our P.O. (province officer) in our home, so she and I came back to the house after CG. By poor (but amazing) husband was pricing things for our garage sale the next morning (which he had to work by himself since I had SAI business). He did a fantastic job, too ($160.55)! We didn't have much to sell, but what we did have, he sold it! ;) It is pretty refreshing to clean out closets and junk that we don't use. Hubs has a tendency to be a bit of a pack-rat, but I am slowly helping him purge the things we don't really use.

SAI Province Days was indeed an absolute blast! We initiated 16 new ladies (all are AMAZING women). Dr. Maines gave a great speech on women in music... my favorite line "where have all the girls gone." I respected what she had to say and really left thinking about my future. One statement she said really hit me hard. I sometimes do this, and I realize now that I definitely shouldn't, but I apologize for my decisions or make excuses when I should be completely confident in them- no matter what others think. If I feel led to teach elementary music and have a family, I should not apologize- for that is a commendable life and I look forward to it!! God has a plan for my life, and I am doing best I can to listen and follow his plan.

Anyhoodle, after initiation, I came home and crashed in bed for the rest of Saturday afternoon (when I should have been cleaning or doing homework). I couldn't help it though- I was completely wiped out.
My lack of productive behavior on Saturday left me loads of stuff to do today though. I went to quintet rehearsal, cleaned the house, did laundry, practiced piano, studied for the listening test, finished a presentation for tomorrow, worked on a study guide for Biology quiz tomorrow, did an extra credit packet for biology, and studied for my conducting test. Whew!

I still need to study for a while longer, so off I go!

Looking forward to May 10th-11th! We're going to OKC to take my niece to the OKC Zoo for her birthday. When I called to talk to my family today, she said that she was going to hold Chase's hand at the zoo the whole time... she's so stinkin' cute and loves having an uncle so much!

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