Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am finished.... so finished!

I start work at Saied on Monday; however, before that Chase and I are going to OKC to take my two nieces and nephew to the OKC Zoo! The OKC Zoo is probably one of my favorite places on Earth. It's so beautiful and peaceful and the animals don't look depressed there (*cough* like at
 the LR Zoo *cough*)

Two classes in the fall and I am outta here! I techinally could have walked today in graduation- my name was in the program and all.. (oops!) but I wanted to wait until after student teaching to walk so I can feel like I am REALLY finished with the UofA!

I was slightly sad today (notice I said slightly) that it would be my last time to place in commencement band... ever... but I think 4 times is plenty. ;)

Corey also came into town today to grill out with us and it was fabulous! He grilled these HUGE steaks and mmm... they were awesome. So juicy! I still have 3/4 of mine left. They were seriously monsters.

Now though, I am about to start preparing the lunches for tomorrow. We are taking our own food in an ice-chest. It's much healthier and less expensive if we take our lunches and eat them in the pavillion/park in the Zoo. I remember as an elementary aged kid going to the zoo and eating the sack lunches that the school would pack.
 Hopefully my lunches will be better than that.. and healthier!

I think we're going with whole wheat w/ turkey, strawberries, baked thins, bananas, water and Tim and Jess packed some snacks for us to take along as well. 

Seriously. I am so happy to be finished... FINALLY!
 This week has been a whirlwind of a ride. With being sick (finally better now!), finals, juries, commencement, and Chase's Phil. concert (which brought in all the family) which meant that we deep cleaned the house.. I am exhausted! Also, inbetween the monsoons, we made time to mow the lawn. It's finally over though! Summer can commence... 

Steph and I at the CAKE concert!


and then bring on the Fall! Two jobs and two classes plus a recital- it feels good to work hard!
Keep an eye open for pictures from the Zoo!

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