Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Life is good"

It has officially "been a minute" since I last blogged! So much has happened, so let me condense.

1) We bought a house!
2) School started (sort of a blessing.. it's my last semester!).
3) I am preparing for my recital.
4) Chase is rocking out on the trumpet daily and staying super busy doing so.
5) I work like... 3+ jobs? and go to school. It's rad.
6) We have some really talented friends who took family photos of us (Bailey, too) for Christmas.
7) House is unpacked fully (huge relief!)... but the garage is another story. That's Chase's room, so I'm waiting for him to clean it!
8) I got a new camera. It is officially the coolest thing I own.
9) Bailey and I have been working on our yoga. She gives downward facing dog a whole new
10) Life is good.

The Lord is continuing to bless us and provide. (Thank you!!)

So here are a few photos to commemorate the above points. I am learning the ways of the camera- so give me some time to practice!

Our new home!



Learning how the camera works!

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