Saturday, June 26, 2010

Post Race!

I'm addicted.

Easy as that- the high from running the race this morning was the coolest feeling I have experienced since like.. my wedding.

I seriously have the best gal friends in the world and the best husband. Chase supported from the side-lines and took photos, while Steph and I ran the first mile together (I slowed down my pace after that) and Kaci and her husband Micah flew!

What a great feeling to push yourself to the end, and finish with such umpf. It rocked. my. world.

For the last few months of training, I've heard of this "runners high," but until today, I had never experienced it. Well, about a mile out from the finish line, I saw the little light at the end of the tunnel, and got a surge of energy the size of Texas that really pushed me through to the end. My super awesome buddy Kaci came and sprinted the last .1 mile with me.

So cool!

After that, Chase and I went DIRECTLY to the Bentonville FBC rehearsal (where I was still too amped to play well) and now it's time for a hair appointment with the super fly Sarah @ Black Sheep.

The official time was 40:02- which is my best time out of all of my training runs! I didn't walk although there were a few times where my mind and I played the "who's more stubborn" game. Even though the pace was slow, I feel so accomplished and can't wait to have another go at it!

So here are the stats:

Distance: 5k (3.1 mi)
Duration: 40:02
Avg Pace: 12.54 min/mi
Calories Burned: 271

My goal was to be under a 13 min. mile (which is pretty darn slow) and I made it! (barely) Party on, Wayne!


Also Pre-Race

Setting the watch!

My buddy and me!

The end.

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Auggie said...


Aw, girl, you are so awesome! Honey, you ALWAYS looked amazing before, but now you shine with some kind of new glow. It's a glow of accomplishment and utter confidence! I LOVE IT!

And I LOVE YOU! I miss you so much! You've got to come visit me! We'll make a trip to Jeju-do and chill on the beach and enjoy a 10 hour hike on Mt. Halla!