Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jazz in the Park

Bentonville is now sponsoring an Orchards Park Summer Concert Series that mimics the Gulley Park Concert in the Park Series in Fayetteville. Luckily, they contacted the FJC (Fayetteville Jazz Collective) to play last night, which meant lots of fun girl time for me with Jayme, Megan and Pam! (Cute picnic basket/cooler/quilt included)
Full House (another group hubs plays in) will be playing on August 27th!
(apologies for the terrible photo quality and power lines!)

My close friend Jayme is moving to Denver this week (I'm driving out with her on Wednesday and flying back Sunday), so it was quite the treat to spend time with her working music camp the last two weeks, and @ the FJC last night.
(isn't she pretty!)

Speaking of UA Music Camp Counselor-ing... what a blast! The counselor/staff crew that works the camp are incredible and so much fun to work with. Staying in the Pomfret dorms and eating in the Pomfreteria is pretty terrible- not gonna lie; however, hanging with tons of rad musicians/teachers/people is so worth the small price of cold showers and starvation (or NOT eating the terrible, awful, nasty food).

I did not take any band camp pictures (gasp) but tons of my friends did, so I'll hijack their photos as soon as they post them!

Anyhoodle, that's about it! 

Tonight, the FJC will be playing on the main stage at the Walton Arts Center with Tom Tirrato to play a Frank Sinatra Tribute... I'm not gonna lie- it's going to reallllllly rock.

If you're bored, throw on your little black dress and come out for a night of dancing and fun!

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