Saturday, December 25, 2010

Let it Snow..

It's snowing (flurries at least).. on Christmas! (two years in a row, really?) However, this year's snow isn't near as epic as last. For the south, snow at all is pretty incredible.

Christmas 2009 in Oklahoma

I bet that RV Dealership is realllllly regretting their '$10,000 back towards the loan on your new RV if it snows on Christmas when you buy now!' gimmick.. because there are definite snow flurries outside.

Anyhoodle, as a gift this year to Chase (and myself, who are we kidding) I got one of these. Battery life aside, it's pretty wonderful! So to share our first Christmas at home together, we recorded it.

We really miss our family, but travelling is a huge pain for me right now (imagine my already terrible car sickness magnified by 1000x). It was pretty hard talking to my dad,  mom, bub, nieces, nephews, and sister without completely busting into tears yesterday and today. They all had dinner together yesterday and got to be together though- which is awesome. Today they are all over at my brother's house celebrating together today. Next year we'll so be there (+1) I missed you guys (if you read this!). K, I promise to stop talking in parenthesis now.

Just in case the video was too boring for you,  here are some photos instead!

The end!
Merry Christmas!

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