Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stupid crazy dream.

These dreams are ridic.

Last night, I had a dream that these white and black bots were taking over the world (think iRobot without the face). Apparently they were starting at my school, because in my dream, I was constantly going back to the school to get batteries/life supplies, etc.

Why batteries you ask? The bots ate only batteries, so if you gave them batteries they let you live. They were also sucking life, light, and color out of the world (from what my dream told me) because everything was dark all the time.. and the lights were always flashing and flickering.

In order to get out of the city, we had to take this train/tram thing, so I ran with Bailey and we magically got on board the tram to take us to safety.

Evidently, going south was the way to go, so I drove south with Bailey and ended up in a single wide trailer with lots of canned food in a forest in south Texas (funny, seeing as south Texas is barren as all get out). My biggest worry- how to let Bailey outside to use the bathroom without her running off, because the trailer didn't have a fence.

There was another gal in the trailer (dunno her name- just that she was a druggie) and I ended up kicking her out to the bots, because she was compromising our position to get stuff from her dealers.

In the end, I lived with Bailey in the trailer with lots of canned good, and the curtains perpetually drawn. What a life..

I seriously woke up about 4 times throughout the night, and tried to think about other stuff before falling asleep, but always reverted to this dream.

/wants more happy, snuggly, warm, delicious dreams...  not creepy druggie bot dreams.

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