Sunday, March 13, 2011

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt...

and so I did!

Things around here seem so much more "put together" when the flower beds are cleaned out. Now, if the laundry and house would follow suit today, it will be a complete trifecta.

The front of the house went from this:

To this:
Still a few things we'd like to do (flowering plants, lighting, etc) but it's an improvement for sure.
Of course, one cannot get away from gardening without casualties... thankfully it was only my forearms this time.
It's possible that my skin is more sensitive than normal, because I don't recall the juniper bushes attacking me this badly last time 'round. I look like a mottled trout!

So there you have it!

By the way, thanks to my super-hubs for lifting and laying all the mulch after I weeded and pruned. He kinda rocks.

<3 the end!


Reba said...

I don't think anything brings more satisfaction (other than possibly cooking a good meal :) than working out in the yard like that. I just don't do it near enough. You did nice work. :)

Polly said...

Well worth the work. Landscaping is harder than it looks! We did a lot on our house last spring. I'm not looking forward to diving into that again.

Alicia @ littlesprinklesoffun said...

Kalyn you have WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY!
Organizing and are making the rest of us look bad! ;) Your yard looks awesome! :)

Kalyn said...

Haha, Alivia, if it makes you feel better, I didn't get the cleaning done until tonight!! Thankfully, it's finished though!

Kalyn said...

er.... Alicia. :D