Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween!

It's that time of year again- the smell of pumpkin is filling the kitchen, the chiminea is lit and the candy ready to be given out! (what I haven't eaten yet, anyway...)
I have a secret obsession with Almond Joys, so unfortunately guys, there are none left in our candy bowl!

However, there is an uber cute little alien awaiting our trick-or-treaters, so hopefully that makes up for our lack of chocolate covered coconut.

No, I haven't raided the mother ship... Connor is dressed up as the cutest, and drool-iest little alien I know.


 No more pictures, please...

The last one is just thrown in there to show the lovely evening about to be had!

The end!


tracy said...

Baby C is too adorable for words! Too bad the Alien mother ship came in and snagged all your almond joy ... dad gum aliens! Happy Halloween!

Alicia @ littlesprinklesoffun said...

Too cute! He is getting so big!

Kalyn said...

Yeah Tracy... It was the aliens!!!!

Reba said...

Love the pics! I will have to remember that about Almond Joys. We don't eat those. I will have to ask the kids to check their bags. :) And your alien...precious!