Saturday, November 5, 2011


This is the first free weekend that I have had in.... I can't remember! It felt so refreshing to sleep in (7:30am) and get up with little man, let him play in his pajamas in his own room while I took a shower and got ready.

We then fed little man,gave him a bath (since we missed ours last night- I was with Connor at Kaci's watching Kailyn while she and her hubby went to a Razorback basketball game- after which she gifted us with tickets two two games over the next two weeks!!!!) and then little man went down for a nap around 9:30am (usual). However, it's 12:30pm and he's still asleep (unusual).

Connor never really has been the best napper. He'll take one small nap in the afternoon typically, but he does sleep through the night so I've never complained! (sttn meaning he doesn't wake up except to eat once or twice and always goes back to sleep) I would love to give up those night feedings and sleep solid through the night, but I kind of really look forward to our cuddle time. It's so precious and I know how quickly he's growing and soon won't want to cuddle as much. I'll take what I can, when I can!

Other than that, I've dusted, steam mopped the floors, cleaned the bathrooms/kitchen, finished the laundry, and put dinner in the Crock Pot, and Chase ran the vacuum. This means the rest of the weekend is family time!

There are a few other things I'd like to get done (weed the front flowerbed and clean up the limbs in the backyard), but those things can wait.

Tonight while Hubs plays with the FJC at Crystal Bridges, I'll be taking C to watch the Razorback Football game at a friend's house for a watch party! She has a sweet little boy that's a month younger than Connor, and the Richardson's have a little boy as well who is just a few weeks younger than C! They were my "preggo posse" gals... I pretty much <3 them!

Excuse my extreme chatty-ness. It's been a long few weeks and it feels so refreshing to be HOME!

Pictures of the watch party coming soon!

Toodles. :)

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Carly said...

Thanks for sharing the lunch---It was fabulous! And holding sweet baby boy made it even better! :)