Thursday, December 29, 2011

Half a year?

Has half of a year already gone by since my little man was born? It's sufficient to say that time. is. flying.

Today we went in for our 6 month check up!
weight: 16.06oz
height 27.5 inches ( I was off last time, I thought he was longer!)
head: 16.5 inches

He has a nice growth chart and seems to be going along just fine. However... one of his ears was still infected and he still had thrush from the previous antibiotics and when I was on antibiotics. Chase has also been battling sickness this last week as well! I am so ready for my home to be sickness free for a while!

Here are some things Connor loves to do right now:
Connor likes to...
- Feed himself with his spoon (while making a mess ;) and feed himself mum mums and other little finger foods that are soft
- Listen to music from various music playing toys he has
- Sit up and watch what's going on around him
- Jump in his jumper
- Laugh and babble with Mommy and Daddy
- Be in the Moby wrap while Mom does housework
- Go for walks and jogs with Mommy and Daddy
- Pet Bailey and touch and grab at everything around!
- Sit in the shopping cart seat all by himself

These are just a few of the things that he has started or has been doing for a while. It's amazing seeing him learn new things and grow so quickly. Children really are a crazy amazing blessing.

This weekend Chase and I are spending our first nights away from our little man to go spend the weekend in Eureka Springs. My mom is going to spend the weekend at our house with little man! Say a special prayer that he is the sweet boy for her that he is for us! I am afraid his schedule has been a little wonky since he's been sick.

12-29-11 at WalMart

Here's hoping the next 6 months slow down a little! Before we know it, little C will be crawling, walking, talking.. and growing all too quickly. 


Lyndsey said...

His big eyes are so cute!!!

Reba said...

He is at such a fun age. And it sounds like he is growing very nicely. He is just precious. And you are right, enjoy it. It goes too fast. The next thing you know they are teenagers and about as tall as you are! Treasure this weekend together. You will probably talk about the little guy all weekend, but that is okay. It is SO good to have that away time. (And you can also catch up on your sleep!)