Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mini-vacation? I think yes...

After this busy season, we are definitely going to need some down time.

Christmas is always busy, but it seems as though this year it is especially so. I wish we could just sit back and really enjoy the real reason for the season and spend less time doing "stuff."

Giving up so much home time doesn't quite seem to be worth it as much as it used to. Isn't it funny how things work like that? We spend our entire lives going to school to get an education so we can have a nice job and nice things, then you have a child and you would give anything (especially all of those nice things) to just spend all of your time with them.

Hubs just finished grilling a delicious dinner (in 20 degree weather... he's awesome) and he's also cleaning the kitchen while I blog (and Baby C sleeps..). I feel so blessed with them.

Anyhoodles, we have booked two fabulous nights at a treehouse in Eureka Springs for New Years Eve!
We'll be staying in the Royal Oak Treehouse! I'll definitely take pictures and share with you next month!!


We have yet to spend a night away from our amazing little man, so this will be quite an experience! Even though we have to leave our main scoop, we are looking forward to some relaxation time and alone time and Grandma is looking forward to grandson time!

I think that's what we call a win/win!

Little man is 5+ months old now and is such a blessing to us.

At five months he:
- is rolling over tummy to back
- laughing/giggling and loves to play in his jumper
- has two teeth about to push through on his bottom gums
- loves sweet potatoes, butternut squash, green beans, apples and momma just made some peas tonight!
- has begun grabbing at glasses, lips, cheeks, hair.. just about anything and everything! (beware!)
- turns his head at the sound of his name
- he currently has his first runny/icky nose.. I'm sure it's the first of many!!

Toodles until next time!!

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Reba said...

I can't wait to hear more about your trip to the treehouse. I have always thought those look like fun! I know it will be hard to leave little man but it is so good for you all. I promise. :)