Monday, January 16, 2012


Since I'm stuck at home with a bug today, I decided to edit and prepare my photos for our assignment this week!

This week's lesson was titled "Color and Balance."  More specifically, creating a composition with complimentary colors and contrasting colors based on the color wheel. Also adding a little color to a scene that has lots of it's complimentary color in it. All while keeping things balanced and using a 'less is more' approach.

How's that for a lesson? I feel challenged! I have had a much more... interesting... time figuring out how and what to photograph this week.

Not to feel like a broken record, but I photographed my boy! Since the purpose for me taking this class is to learn how to take better photographs of our family and more specifically Baby C, I don't feel guilty!

I chose to use a few simple backdrops on our kitchen floor by the back sliding doors. I clamped down the sheets/blankets (with Chase's clamps from the garage) to the backs of our dining room chairs. (Stole the idea from Blaire Perry!) Then I set him up with a very special knitted hat given to us by one of my sweet student's mom. My heart just about melted after seeing the very first picture. Instead of high color contrast, I used a low color contrast and used different hues of green to try to create a calmer photo... Not sure if that's technical or anything, just trying stuff out!

It just kept getting better!

Then, I flipped the blanket over to show the second sheet underneath (which was just a plain old white sheet). We removed the hat and substituted a very special toy given to us by Grammie (Hubs' mom).

I love his chubby fingers and dimpled hands.

Now I know red and orange aren't exactly on the complete opposite side of the color wheel, but they popped in these photos.

I'll keep on experimenting!

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Reba said...

Love the pictures. Hope you are feeling better!