Friday, January 13, 2012


For about the last year, I have been obsessed with an app on my iPhone. It's name? Instagram.

It rocks. I can connect with other mommas and people across the world who are interested in taking an obscene amount of pictures of their cute babies and other interesting subjects.

Just within the last month, I have started following a gal who runs the blog She blogs about fashion of course, but also about photography and life in general.

Well last week, she decided to put together a free online photoraphy course! I have wanted to take a photography course of some sort for the last three years, but due to paying off debt, or just time constraints, I have yet to do so! So I signed up for that puppy and right away got to work on our first assignment. The assignment was about composition. (using the rule of thirds, interesting subject, non-distracting background, etc...) Of course, I chose my sweet baby boy as my "interesting subject" and we sat out on the back deck that Chase built a couple of months ago and laughed it up! I got a few absolutely adorable shots that I plan on framing, but the winner was this picture.

 It just goes to show that all will be provided in due time... patience grasshopper.

I'm so excited to be better able to capture precious moments like these and display them in our home or share them with my family and friends. Since our families live 4 hours away in each direction, I want them to be able to experience their grandchild day-to-day, even if they don't get to see him daily!

So, anyhoodle.

My main reason for blogging, is that when I opened my mail inbox this morning, I let out a squeal and happily announced to hubs that my photo was chosen along with 7 others as a "Class Standout!!"

I also got my first badge!! I shall display is proudly on my humble little blog for all to see.. ;) - Badge 1 

So there you have it folks! I'm just plain smitten and can't wait to get started on next week's assignment- "Complimentary Colors & Contrast."


Lyndsey said...

Great picture!!! Did you get/already have a professional camera or just a normal camera?

Kalyn Cavalier said...

I have had a Canon xsi for a couple years. It's by no means awesome and my stock lense is icky, but it works well in lots of natural light!!