Monday, July 30, 2012

{Connor turns ONE!} a month ago... ;)

So we no longer have a baby... we have a BIG one year old. A toddler. Yes, he toddles. EVERYwhere. His actual birthday was really a MONTH ago (I posted a previous post a few days after, but you know, better late in the blog world than never!

We finally had a chance to snap some "one year" photos, and they turned out super-d-duper adorable, and C is super-d-duper sweet.

We are so smitten with Connor and love helping guide him into a Godly young boy. These times ahead of us are only going to be more joy filled, and we look forward to learning along with you, C.

Love you!

Mommy (and Daddy)

On another bright note, Chase and I are now officially Cavalier Photography. It started out as a personal venture, but the photo bug has spread in the Cavalier household. What a fun filled ride awaits.

I love that the Lord has provided this business venture in our household, and I whole heartedly am giving myself to it. I find so much contentment in my life right now, that it's hard imagining what else could be in store. Many thanks be to Him.

Also, if you have provided me your family or pets to take photos of, THANK YOU for trusting me to capture your family's memories.

Love it!

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Reba said...

Very exciting things at your house! And sweet C is the cutest!!!