Monday, July 2, 2012


This time last year, Chase and I were bringing our baby boy home for the very first time. SO much has happened in the last year- it feels as if last year is a million miles away, yet only happened yesterday.

How can that be? We have a ONE year old boy who is looking less and less like a baby, and more like a toddler every day. He is SO close to walking.

At one year, Connor is doing these things:

- waving bye-bye and saying "bye-bye"
- says ball, bailey, mama, dada, mmmm, more, and a few other gibberish things we can't pick out
- gives kisses
- blows raspberries (future trumpet player, yes?)
- craws faster that lightening (dude can book it)
- stands and sits on his own
- cruises furniture
- walks while holding your hand
- points with his pointer finger-
- eats anything you put in front of him (after giving Bailey a sample first)
- walks behind his walker, and Lightening McQueen car
- sleeps from 7-7 (sometimes waking once for a midnight snack)
- squeals with delight
- chuckles and snorts with you tickle his legs or tummy
- has been camping for a week on the White River
- LOVES Gnomeo and Juliet (must be the music)
- claps when we say "yay!"

and I'm sure other things that I have failed to remember!

Point is, we are so blessed to be your parents Connor, and we love you.

(below are some photos from Connor's first camping trip on the White River!)

(these were all obviously pre-haircut! Look at that shag...)

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Reba said...

I can't believe it has been a whole year! Where did the time go? He is at such a fun age. Enjoy each and every moment!