Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hip Hop Hopotamus.

I was just about to write "I am embarrassed to say I don't have much to write," and then I thought back on my week, and BAM, remembered that this was the week from... well this was a busy week. It really wasn't a bad week. Actually it was quite the opposite, but it has definitely been super-uber busy. 

Speaking of 'uber,' my dad actually said the work 'uber' yesterday and it kinda tripped me out. I don't even remember the context, but I giggled inside. It was sweet. 

Anyhoodle, back on track. My week. It was cool. And busy. But loooong. We started with a regular Monday/Tuesday at school, but there were parent/teacher night conferences, so we were up at school until 7:00pm both of those nights. Wednesday there was a District meeting for all the music teachers, so instead of school, we got to go talk about all sorts of fun teacher stuff. I learned quite a bit that day, and I also got to talk to my sweet friend Caroline all day. It was a fab time. 

Thursday was regular school day. At this point, I am teaching all classes but third grade right now, because Kaci's is finishing up their program (which is Tuesday night, you should come!). Starting Wednesday and for the next four weeks, I will be planning and teaching all classes, K-5. I'm pretty stoked and love, love, love it. Never before have I actually looked forward to going to school the next day. I am not just waiting for the next moment in my life to get closer to the weekend, but I am ENJOYING what I am doing ever day. It's surreal. 

Anyhoodle, on Friday, there was no school; however, there was a super amazing Arts and Literature Workshop (program here) that we went to and it was a great experience. I learned a few new things, found a TON of great resources/new books, and spent a day of fun with Kaci and other Springdale/Fayetteville music teachers. Fabulous day, indeed.

Later that evening, I went to Kaci's Pampered Chef party. Delish! The theme for the evening was "Chicks and Chocolate." Can you say perfect? There was a fantastic chocolate mousse fondue, and 'to-die-for' Rolo chocolate brownies.

I'm going to put the brownie recipe in a different post.. but.. oh... my... goodness. They are divine. Since I have been doing fabulously with my WW points, I saved points and indulged in a small brownie and about two tablespoons of the fondue. 

Speaking of Weight Watchers. I have almost lost 10 pounds! By next week, I will be at the ten pound mark hopefully. I feel so great. My energy level is through the roof, and I am eating healthier than ever before. It's not the "I hate my life" healthy eating, but it is the "wow this food tastes fabulous" healthy eating. I don't skip breakfast anymore, I eat three small meals and have a few healthy snacks in between. Although I didn't drink soda before, I did drink Kool-Aid. Emphasis being on the "did" because I don't remember the last time we made a pitcher of Kool-Aid. 

It is definitely not a diet, but a lifestyle and I LOVE IT.

This post has gotten out of hand and kudos to you if you made it to the bottom. I woke up Saturday with a stellar sore throat, so I went to the walk-in clinic and sure enough I have strep-throat. I should be feeling better by this evening. (cross your fingers). Last night I fell asleep around 7:30 and slept until 7:30 this morning, so hopefully my body is working hard to get better!

Yesterday, I had this for lunch. Aren't you jealous? ;)


Caroline said...

Hope you're feeling better!

Congrats on the WW!! That's awesome! I've totally gained 10-15 pounds since last summer from sitting at a desk all day - it's amazing how much walking around the UA kept weight off. ;) I need to get off my butt and join you!

Audra said...

Wow! The food pictures look so yummy!

I'm so proud of you, girl! You're doing great, and you have such a fantastic attitude! Keep going and you'll reach your goal!

I read the whole post! I get kudos!