Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Um.. really?

It seems unbelievable to me that Bristol Palin could beat out Brandy... /sigh.
I loved the look on the pro-dancer's faces though when it was announced the Brandy was going home. Utter shock!
Quite a disappointment DWTS. I voted every week (for Brandy- because I thought she was the best and most expressive!).

I am mostly frustrated because of the attention Bristol is getting for her "abstinence" speeches.. when it seems that she hasn't had much time since the birth of her child to practice those values. Maybe if she had been taught something other than "abstinence only" then... well that's another rant entirely.

Anyhoodle, this blog is reserved for happy stuff, so on to cooler stuff! There are only 4 more school days until Thanksgiving break!!! After that, there are only three weeks until Christmas break!

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Anonymous said...

Agree... and agree.