Monday, November 1, 2010

Pizza Night: Day #1 NaBloPoMo

Tonight is definitely pizza night.

Don't you ever have those days where you seem to run, run, run?
From the moment I sat down my bag this morning at school, I had one thing going on right after the other. Definitely a run, run, run day.

I'm not complaining, because the more I have to do during the day, the more enjoyable the school day is. I love working with the students and being creative with time.

Another great thing about today was the awesome 4th grade! We are currently working on a Veteran's Day program that will take place a week from today. Today was our first day on stage, and they were FABULOUS! Their behavior was soooo respectful, and that just blessed me to no end at the end a looooong day.

We've been getting new technology in the music classroom, and the big thing is the Smartboard, new laptops, and ELMO projectors. Well... since day one, mine have not been working/connected properly. First, my D-drive on the computer was not registering, and second the audio wasn't being projected correctly.
Thankfully, the computer lab manager was able to make my new laptop work after school, and connect the audio to my new Smartboard, so it's in full functioning order!!! (thankfully..)

So when I came into my class after car duty, I walked in to a room infiltrated with Michael Jackson! It was awesome!

Anyhoodle, it's time to order some yummy, delish, mouthwatering pizza and put my feet up! My big news is due on Wednesday. I hope you're excited- because you totally should be!

Until tomorrow, Adieu!

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