Sunday, November 21, 2010

O' Christmas Tree...

Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree. I'm so glad we bought you.

So two years ago, our Christmas tree official died. In its absence last year, we put up hub's mini-tree from his college days. It was uber cute, but since we could afford it this year, we finally replaced dear old tree... and it's uber pretty! (and was on sale at Hobby Lobby this weekend...and I definitely got the last one).

It's typical to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put up the tree, but next weekend/the following three weeks are going to be so super busy that I want to be able to enjoy the process of putting up a tree instead of "making time." So today, I'm going to make myself exercise (because honestly I feel like poo, but hopefully it'll help!!!), clean the house, work on my 4 ft. mountain of laundry, and decorate for Christmas!! 

Definitely watch for pictures later!

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