Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunshine rocks.

Just sayin'.

There is nothing like a beautiful, warm, sunny, albeit a little windy day to boost your motivation! After church, hubs and I did the grocery shopping for the week, visited with my amazing lovely gal pal Megan, and then got down to work.

It is the truth that manual labor really does give you one of the greatest senses of accomplishment. Yesterday, we cleaned house and I did laundry. (... although I didn't say I folded the laundry.. *cough*) Today, I planted another plant, pulled some weeds, and then cleaned/detailed the inside of my car. Outside can wait because we have storms this week!

As we speak (type), hubs is detailing his car as well!

Admittedly, his car needed the detail far more than mine. ;)

To finish the lovely day, I get to grill and relax with my sweet hubs.

Sunday, please don't leave yet. You've been most productive, and fun!

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Reba said...

I am so sad this day is over. The whole weekend was just wonderful. (The calm before the storm...the testing storm :) Oh, and folding of my least favorite things to do!