Saturday, April 9, 2011


So very thankful for another beautiful day with my loves.

I'm also thankful for working with uplifting and persevering women and men on a daily basis. My sweet friend Reba shared about ups and downs in life and how the downs sure do make the ups seem even sweeter- especially when they are in juxtaposition to such a low. In all though, I give praise and thanks.

Thankful that I got to spend a very productive and beautiful morning with Hubs and B.
Thankful that I get to feel Baby C kicking around in my tummy.
Thankful that friends are so thoughtful and giving.
Thankful for beautiful Saturday mornings and afternoons.
Thankful for a workplace that cares so much.

For those of you seeking an update on little Connor, here's the most recent photo of my little growing weed taken this morning.

29 weeks (although he was measuring about 4 days ahead at our last scan)

I'm also thankful that I get to go to WalMart on a sunny Saturday afternoon (insert tongue in cheek)...
Off we go!

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