Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Wall

I've hit it.

There are all these cute ideas in my head, but I can't seem to decide what to do in Baby C's room.

So here's where we are right now! I've found this bedding at my favorite consignment store (9 Months Later in Springdale)  for $30.00 and fell in love with it! It's easy to plan around because it's neutral and there are tons of colors in it.

We've purchased the crib, changing table, and a cubby storage piece that is uber versatile. Our amazing friend is making bedding and tons of cute stuff, but I'm not sure what colors, so I'm going neutral at the moment.

I'm looking forward to making a cornice, curtains, and adding some cute wall decorations and making some book slings for the walls.

Basically, I have a to-do list, I'm just waiting to match colors with what we get. It's going to be fun!

Here's what it looks like right now. We'll see how it transforms in the next few months!

So.. imagine some shelves on either side of the mirror... some word decals on the same wall. Cute pom mobile from the ceiling. Curtains, a cornice, sweet book slings and that MIGHT be what Baby C's room looks like in a few months. Basically.. I know nothing.

I DO know that we are measuring 28 weeks 4 days right now, and that little Connor is 2.5 lbs and very active! He is sitting breech; however, he has plenty of time to flip, so we're not worried.

28 weeks xD 

Please, comment me your ideas! I am in desperate need of guidance. <3



Reba said...

I have no ideas. I am not an idea person. I just always got bedding sets because it was all put together for me. :) But it looks like you are off to a good start!

Jeremy, Meredith & Lane :) said...

I think Connor's room looks great so far and your ideas will make it look even better! :)
It's so hard picking a theme out and making it functional, so I like the neutral with lots of color options!
Yall have done a great job!!

Lyric said...

Bedding is so cute! It seems really versatile. Personally, I found myself having to make little adjustments/add things to the room after Milo came and as he is getting older. It helped to have flexibility!