Saturday, June 4, 2011

May.. be I missed the month of May?

Things around here have been crazy, to say the least! Apparently I'm a really bad blogger for the month of May, because I completely missed it. Better luck next year ;) (yeah right.. blogging during the last four weeks of school takes skillz that I don't have yet!)

Really though, May was a fun month, but I seriously don't know where it went. It's like, one day it was here, and the next it was gone! There were a few programs in May... a field trip... lots of teaching and rehearsing for June performances, and a very tired mommy-to-be.

However, it was loads of fun and a learning experience. The teachers at my school know how to finish strong and make it fun at the end! I've looked more forward to getting up the last month than I can ever really recall in my life. #blessedbeyondbelief

Hubs and I have been focusing on "Financial Peace University" and saving for our future. We've come to the conclusion that basically we're not in charge and that in the strangest and most bizarre ways, we have been and will always be provided for. It's a humbling and surreal experience to receive just the right amount of what you need to cover unforeseen costs at the last moment.

Anyhoodle, there's the recap!! We're nearing the end of pregnancy and it's bittersweet... because growing a life inside of you is unlike anything else you will ever experience. The gift of life is such a miracle!

That being said, we are so excited to meet our little boy and hold him and get to know him outside of the womb. He already has quite the personality and is quite the mover! He even seems to know when Chase is trying to feel him kick because he instantly stops the moment Chase lays his hand on my tummy.  (he has luckily and sneakily gotten a few good kicks and bumps though)

Here are the last few weeks just to show how much little C has grown.

 About 32 weeks @ Chris and Steph's

 35 weeks

37 weeks

Toodles for now! After I work on the little dude's room tomorrow, I'll try to post some photos!

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Reba said...

Then there is the whole "new job" thing...that was an excitement for May. :) I remember my kids doing that too...they always stopped kicking when hubby put his hand on my tummy. How do they know that? I hope you have a wonderful, restful weekend. We are almost to the finish line (the school finish line).