Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bzzzzz! Busy Bee!

I still have yet to have a complete day of just absolutely "summer" yet. I'm not really complaining since it has helped pass the last two weeks fairly quickly and I am not just sitting at home waiting for little man to arrive; however... I wouldn't mind a day to just stick my booty in a pool and read a good book.

There are quite a few on my list to read! One I even have checked out on my Nook and haven't even cracked it yet! I think I only have a week left on that rental, too.. :o)

This week has been full of music teacher workshopping! It's been an absolute blast. I love getting the chance to hang out with and brainstorm with fellow teachers. Especially those of the music kind because they give me so many fabulous, fun, and exciting ideas to use in the classroom.

and on that note, it's time to head to the workshop!! See y'all soon!

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Reba said...

If it helps, I have only done one dy of workshops and I have yet to really have a day of resting in the pool. :) I am glad you are getting some good workshop time (and professional development) in...hopefully time passes quickly and we have a baby soon!