Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh Baby Baby!

Little C is still snug and cozy right now! We just finished with the last day of the UofA Music Teacher workshop- such a blast! The most exciting part of our week so far was yesterday at lunch when my sweet preggo posse pal Caroline's water broke during our lunch break at the workshop! She and her husband Cole welcomed precious Charlotte into the world last night at 8:48pm. We visited her today, and oh....  just precious. It made me that much more anxious to meet Connor!

Today we focused on 'Music and Movement' in the classroom and basically we moved from 9:00am until 3:30pm today. It was the most fun I've had learning since last summer's Artie Almeida workshop! Today's presenter Deborah Stehlik is a music teacher from Long Island, New York and she had some FABU ideas and concept lessons that I can't WAIT to share with my students.

However, my favorite part of the day was the dancing! We learned quite a few different dances; however, my favorite was a "Paso Doble" that will be SO much fun to create a lesson around and possibly have the kiddos perform for the school. My wheels were churning and I now want to create a program around different styles of dances (a la DWTS) and call it something like "Dancing with the Wildcats" or "Working it with the Wildcats" and create a program around different styles of dance and the history/culture behind each dance. There could even be a teacher dance! I mean seriously... FUN, right??

Anyhoodle, can you tell I'm excited?

Last order of business: Operation BabyEscape 2011

It's been 40 weeks little Connor. You can come out ANY day now.

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Reba said...

I didn't realize you were with Caroline when her water broke. So fun. You will be holding your sweet boy any day. I am so excited. The dancing sounds like so much fun!