Saturday, August 6, 2011

If I could turn back time... *insert Cher voice here*

I have determined that our mini person is growing entirely too fast.

So fast, that I cannot seem to keep up with his speediness via blog.

Here's me trying harder to keep up with his cuteness!

Things that Connor has done within the last month: (yes folks, he's over a month old now!)
- been incredibly cute
- smile all the time (and sometimes in response- not just for gas!)
- sat in his bumbo
- had his pictures taken by the wonderful Blaire Perry
- cooed and raptor screeched
- been an amazing sleeper at night! (he eats and goes right back to sleep)
- consistent in his sleeping at night (wakes up at 1:30 and 4:00ish).
- worked with mom and dad in mom's classroom
- stayed with aunt kaci and was a really good boy
- went with mom to get a pedicure and haircut

On a non (my) baby note, I just watched this ridiculous documentary called Nursery University about the process that Manhattan families go through just to get their children into pre-schools in NYC. Seriously??
Tuition at some of these places is $20,000 a SEMESTER! It's so serious that they have application mania days where they only take phone calls for two hours for applications (yes, only applications!) after which they have an extensive interview process where they will interview hundreds of families to maybe only choose 20. Some schools bypass that and operate on a strict lottery system. I just find this crazy!

Mind= blown.

Can I just reiterate how thankful I am to be in a place where I love my job, love the town/area I live in, love the people I get to work with and be around everyday, and have a safe and relatively inexpensive place to take my kiddo while I work where the said people I work with also take their children...

Me= thankful.

My classroom at school is also coming along. It would have been near impossible for me to do it alone. Hubs has been there every weekend with me for the last few weeks and I worked my dad to the bone when he was here last.. (sorry dad!). It sure does look great though! I'm really excited to get back to school when the time comes and see those kiddos!

For now.. I am going to go to enjoy the peace and quiet here. Chase has a performance tonight, and Connor is taking his pre- bath nap. That means Bailey and I get some much needed relaxation. ;)

Don't think I forgot your pictures...
 "What choo talkin' bout, Willis?"

 Bumbo time!

 He had a tummy ache this day.. and didn't sleep at all the day before. 
This was the aftermath of the tummy ache.. poor dude.

 Post baby body- not as bad as I thought it would be!


 Eatin' with Aunt Kaci.. yum.

More bumbo! (sorry it's crooked!)

Tomorrow, my mom, grandma and grandpa are coming to visit! It's their first time to see Baby C since he was born.



Reba said...

Totally love all of the pics. And you look awesome! Decided when you are coming back to school? You are right, the time goes fast. I remember people telling me that. I would roll my eyes because I heard it so many times. But it does. And now I have a middle schooler. Anyway, glad to see you back in blogworld. :)

Kalyn said...

I know Reba! It's like you don't understand how fast until try start outgrowing ther clothes... and they look different almost every day!

I am coming back September 6th. Although I will be there for almost all the inservice next week! Looking forward to seeing you! I have loved seeing all your beautiful photos of the beach!