Thursday, August 25, 2011

No routine. but lots of fun!

Greetings friends!

So, since I'm not really in a set routine (right now my tv is set to babylove 24/7) I forget that I haven't blogged in like a bajillion days.

I know when I start back to work, and get into more of a routine, that things will fall into place. The few days that I did teacher in-service was like that!

What an adventure we are having with our little man. He is quite the charmer. He has started smiling and almost giggling quite a bit, and he loves to hold onto my hands and pull up. His head support is quite good and he loves to sit up to watch what is going on around him. Quite the curious little bugger!

We went to visit Chase's family this weekend (his brothers and sister's-in-law had yet to meet Connor!). He and Grammy became best buddies. I did learn that he doesn't nap too well away from home, but when we got home he fell right back into his usual sleeping pattern! (That makes mom a happy camper.) He also rode spectacularly well in the car on the way there. The way home he slept off and on, but had a bit of a tummy ache in-between.

Tonight we're grilling burgers and who-knows-what with our friends! Before that; however, hubs gets to mow the jungle of a lawn out there.All of this rain made the grass spring up anew! ;) Maybe I will be able to weed the front flower bed, too if it's not too hot and if little man takes a good afternoon nap.

Anyhoodle, all is well on our end though!

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