Saturday, August 27, 2011

Workin' on a Full House

Yesterday was the epitome of a beautiful, wonderful, relaxing and fulfilling day. We've had lots of these lately. So blessed.

It all started with a little bit of lesson planning (which is always fun to do!) and then I went up to the school to make some visual aids for my sub next week. Speaking of... next week is my last week at home with my baby. I have quite a few mixed feelings about this, but mostly I am trying to prepare myself for being apart from him (I did it during in-service; however, I knew it was only for a few days..).

Anyhoodle, let's stay faaaar away from that topic for now because, well... that just stinks.

The cool part of yesterday was getting to hang out in my pajamas all day with little man and hubs and then end the afternoon watching hubs play with Full House in Orchard Park for the Bentonville Concert in the Park series. I was able to sit next to my sweet friend Mandy (whose husband also plays in Full House) and got a small glimpse at what the Cavalier house might look like in a few years... she has three sweet and energetic boys.

We took our quilt, some cool water, and ourselves, and Connor and I parked it on the quilt. He was such a good baby, and just cooed and looked around the whole time. It was only a little warm at the beginning, after which it cooled down to be a wonderful evening!

Today, Baby C has taken two great naps, and is currently asleep for the night. Hubs was super-hubs, and cleaned the house with baby in tow while I went grocery shopping. Even though I have been in a weird funk today and have been kinda cranky, I realllllllllllly appreciate his awesome-hubbiness.

Anyhoodle, here's photo proof of aforementioned activities.

 "Chillin' with my mom.. you know"

 My boys...

 On the left he was only a week old, and on the right, almost two months! He's growing so much.

Our new mobile. He was mesmerized!

Sweet baby boy practicing great head support!


Reba said...

SOOO sweet. He is precious. I didn't realize you knew Mandy. She was my intern one year. I am sad you have to leave Little Man soon but on the positive side, I can't wait to see you every day. :)

Kalyn said...

Yes! Mandy is a sweet friend! Her husband and my husband both play in the same group- Full House!

I am so looking forward to seeing that sweet Walker Family every day. It will make leaving little man a little easier, knowing I have such great people to spend my day with.

Thanks for the positive words! I needed that.