Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mini Photo Class

I have mentioned it before, but I have been taking a free online mini photo class from Christina at She has really helped me understand photo composition on a level that applys to what I want to use my photography for- which is my family! (and possibly other families, too!)

This week's assignment is about timing. Waiting for the moments to naturally happen, and letting your subject become comfortable in front of the camera.

My Little C is great for practice and I never get tired of seeing his sweet eyes behind the lens!

Here's a peek at what we got!

5 new things:
1. Imitating "buh" sound
2. Trying to army crawl/crawl but ends up moving backwards
3. Trying to stand up in the bath
4. Like to slap hands on surfaces that make fun sounds (i.e. mommy's skin :P)
5. Eating veggies with his fingers/hands

Love you, Little C!!

1 comment:

Reba said...

Awesome pics! I love all of his expressions!