Thursday, June 27, 2013

Father's Day

Father's Day was ultra special this year, as we were able to spend it with my dad on the White River.

We went to a spring fed water hole, ate yummy pizza, relaxed, and watched movies half the day together. 

We took a few trips exploring the river bank, and enjoyed great conversation. 

A lazy, relaxing weekend with the three guys that mean the most to me.

When we returned home from the long weekend, Chase and I began scavenging the fridge for food and we realized we had some chicken that needed to be eaten.

In comes yummy roasted chicken recipe!

If I remake this recipe, I'll definitely marinate the chicken in the juices the night prior to cooking! I'll link to the original recipe so you can enjoy, too.

Since we no longer use plastic as food storage (I'm working on the rest of the house!!), I enjoy setting out dinner so much more! 

All of the pretty colors make this mama happy.


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