Monday, January 4, 2010

Chim Chim Cher-ee

There is nothing quite like hanging out with a delish mug of coffee next to the fireplace while the snow falls outside. It's been quite the winter wonderland around here! Yesterday, I went to run an errand and when I returned, I walked up to the front door and as I was about to walk inside, a pile of snow fell from the roof. Strange I though.
Well, I get inside, and realize both Bailey and Chase are MIA, so I proceed to the back door just in time to see the hubs run around the corner with miss B. Hubs was throwing snowballs at me! So I ran back inside, put on my rain boots and a few layers and gloves and ran back out. We didn't have a snowball fight though, but focused our efforts on covering Bailey in snow.. it was a blast!

B playing keep away with a football.

We love snow!

B playing in the snow.

Later that evening, Megan stopped by. She was on her way home to Tulsa from the Independence Bowl in Memphis (which the Hogs won!!! Woo pig!). Meg and I both love to bake... so we usually end up doing something of the sort. This time, I had a craving for Chocolate Meringue pie, so that is just what we made. It turned out fab. The meringue you whipped up was perfect, Meg!

Earlier that day for lunch, I chose a dish from my E-mealz "Turkey Reruns" recipe list called 'Turkey Crunch.' Let me tell you.. it was AMAZING! The curry spice made the dish.. hubs, who isn't usually a fan of casseroles, had two large helpings. We decided next time to try it with some sliced potatoes to make it a 'Turkey Crunch Au Gratin.' I'll tell you how that one turns out.

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